From The President

詹姆斯E. Collins (’84)


Welcome to 罗拉 College!

詹姆斯E. Collins (’84) 罗拉 College President

For over 180 years, bright and deserving students have come to study at 罗拉 College. It is an unbroken line of faculty, 工作人员, students and graduates who have made this college a rich, strong learning community. As Iowa’s first college and the second oldest Catholic college west of the Mississippi, the principles that served as the cornerstone of this institution in 1839 are still vibrant today.


Underscoring the value of the 罗拉 College experience, consider:

  • 罗拉 College is ranked 11th Best Value and 16th Best Regional College in the Midwest by U.S. 新闻 and World Report in the 2020 edition of "Best Colleges" by U.S. 新闻 Media Group. 
  • 100 percent of the class of 2019 report being employed or continuing their education within six months of graduation. This statistic is based on a 99 percent response rate from the class.
  • The College is ranked third among Iowa's private not-for-profit colleges by MONEY Magazine's 2019 Best Colleges For You Money list.

As a diocesan, Catholic liberal arts college, we see our efforts to create a diverse and engaged campus as a basis for the strong ties that we hold to the people, communities and the institutions we serve. Whether it is:

  • 罗拉 College winning the 1st President’s Interfaith Community Service Award in the nation, or
  • Receiving the Equity, Diversity and 包容 Award for the success of the efforts of the League of United Latin American Citizens, Black Student Union and general work of the 罗拉 Center for 包容 & Advocacy from NASPA Region IV-E (NASPA is the leading association for the advancement, health and sustainability of the student affairs profession), or
  • Study abroad programs in Argentina, Ireland, Portugal or Spain, or
  • That 罗拉 College was the first college in Iowa, the first Catholic College in the Midwest and the fourth Catholic College in the nation to sign a Fair Trade resolution.

罗拉 College offers a breadth and depth of experience that will advance your learning, preparing you to adapt to and serve in a complex and ever-changing world.


Offering unique resources and facilities ensuring a high-quality learning environment:

  • The Miller Academic Resource Center, with its four floors of comfortable study spaces and learning resources,
  • A state-of-the-art Athletic & 健康 Center, with a two-story fitness facility,
  • Our completely wireless campus, allowing study or relaxing on your 罗拉-provided laptop from anywhere on campus,
  • The Medical Associates DNA laboratory – one of the few in the region housed by an educational institution, or
  • The Carver Foundation Media Studies lab where you can work with outstanding faculty to produce an award-winning project.
  • The CARES Lab where you can assist in researching cancer treatments.

We offer unique programs and outreach to distinguish the College we hope becomes your alma mater. From the Breitbach Catholic Thinkers and Leaders program to the nationally-successful academic and athletic teams to community service, Phi Beta Lambda or the Francis J. Noonan School of Business, you can truly succeed at 罗拉 College.


I look forward to seeing you on campus.


Jim Collins, 罗拉 College President
詹姆斯E. Collins (’84)
罗拉 College President